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summer is here!

school got out last friday, yay. It was sad, I started crying in the cafeteria because i was so sad about leaving. But I'll make new friends at Kimball. kfdnjfdbgjbikgn

I tried out for a select soccer team and made the team. yea baby. But its really cunfusing on how they are doing it. Theres 2 teams, and then there dividing the girls into 2 teams er sumthin, i dont know. yadda yadda yadda.

MY mom told me the JCW in detroit on the 26th was cancelled for some reason. IM SO PISSED! anyone else know nething about it? She said that there were problems getting everyone together we sumthin. I really wanted to fuckin go!! :-(

well, im gonna chill with my friend ashley ttyl

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