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this is gonna be a kinda long enttry. I have alot to say.

LAST SUNDAYxz: Went to the mall with Tracy. I bought a new Shaggy shirt. ITS SWEET! I also bought the new Twiztid CD and a Rocky Horror Picture Show poster for my NEW room. I love the new Twiztid CD! (Man's Myth V.1) My favorite songs are #2 Karma and #11 Feel This. If you don't have it yet, YOU BETTER RUN OUT AND GET IT. Volume 2 (Mutant) is coming out the 26th. Back to the day. Tracy spent the night that night and we played cards and chilled and stuff.

MONDAY: Tracy and I woke up and ate waffles and watched Darkness. For lunch we went to Taco Bell, and we invited my neighbor and his friend to come with us. He's 12, and hes cool, hes a juggalo. Since he told me he was in love with me and that he really really liked me he decided to be cool and leave with out Tracy and I. That really annoys me. Tracy went home around 3. The rest of the day I tried to sleep but kept being woken up by my dumbass neighbor Matt because he kept caling me wanting to hang out. Conversation between me and him on the phone:
Hi Matt
What are you doing
Sleeping. Ill call you later.
Come outside
I'm sleeping
I'm tired. I got no sleep last night.
It's 2 in the afternoon. Come outside.
Ill call you later BYE (hung up the phone.)
THIS WENT ON ALL FUCKIN DAY. Im gonna kill that kid.

TUESDAY: Woke up, my gramma picked Tracy and I up and we went to Great Lakes Crossing to buy tickets for the midnight premiere of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This theater was the only theater around that had the midnight premiere. After that I went home and cleaned my house.

WEDNESDAY: I was supposed to start my first day of work today, but it got switched to tomorow. I went with the Clawson Teen Center to C.J. Barrymores and rode Turbo Carts. YAY. I had fun. And then I went back to the Teen Center and played Dodgeball. After that I went to Megans house and chilled with her, her bf, and brandon. We jumped on her trampoline for a while, we had fun.

THURSDAY: First day of work!! I did 4 hours worth of weeding and planting, and abother 3-4 hours worth of fililing (sp?) So I made about 56 bucks. Not bad. Then I came home and got everything ready for the midnight premiere for CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY!!!!! I took a shower and walked to 7-11 and got some goodies because theather's food is WAY too expensive. I got ready and Megan and Ashley came over. My grandparents picked us up, and we met Tacy, Rooie, Taryn and Mary-Kate at the theater. My gramma, when we bought the tickets on tuesday, bought 10, so everyone had a spot, and too make sure we had enough tickets before they sold out. WE got in the theather about 10:30 and sat there for about an hour and a half to wait for the movie to start. IT WAS THE BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. OMFG I loved it so much. I'm probably gonna go see it again tomorow. But then after the movie we came back to my grandparents house and had an after party. It was great. Right now it's 6:30 in the morning. I have currently been up for 24 hours straight. YAY. Now im gonna go get some sleep.

Questions I need answered:
When's Twiztid coming to Detroit?
What are your comments on Twiztid's new album? (I love it)

Gotta go, hope you read everything.
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