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OMFG!!!! Sunday was when Warp Tour came to Detroit. I had so much fuckin fun.
We woke up about 8, had mountian dew and donut holes for breakfast, got there at about 930, waited in line for a while, and then got in.

The bands I saw were:
Avenged Sevenfold- The mosh pits were so sweet. Tracy, Susan and I were waiting for them to start, and then all these people started throwing empty bottles in the air. I kept getting hit in the head, and Tracy got hit in the eye, but it was worth it. Then they got on, and it got so tight i started to have trouble breathing, I just had to get outta there. I was then pulled into a fuckin mosh pit, and i thought i was gonna fuckin DIE. BUt after I caught my breath I went right back in and found Tracy. I LOVE THEM.

Dillinger Escpe Plan- They were sweet. We weren't as close as I wanted to be, but I got to see them. I'm not that familiar
with the band, but i liked them.

Millencolin- I LOVED THEM!!! I got to meet them a little while before at their signing and I got an autographed poster. When I went to go see them, I got really fuckin close. This chick and I were standing in the middle of these huge big guys, and then when they started, the next thing I knew we were standing in a middle of a mosh pit!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Atreyu- I didn't get to see much of them, because I went to stand in line for water, because it was so fuckin hott, and wearing jeans and a black Tshirt didnt help, I saw a couple of their songs. And then I lost Tracy and Susan.

Suicide Machines- I had alot of fun seeing them. Tracy and I got pretty close in on the side, and when they got on and started, the whole crowd was jumping around and stuff, and we skanked to a ska song, and there was this song that the lead singer said, "Grab your best friend and beat the shit outta them!!!!!" er sumthin like that, and Tracy and I just started pushin each other, and we can offically say we started a mosh pit! IT was awesome!!!

My Chemical Romance- We got in the crowd about a half an hour before they came on, and watched the rest of Hawthoron (sp?)Heights, and then the crowd just got CRAMMED. We were all squeezed together because the preppie girls crammed us by them being in the back and pushing towards the front. BITCHES. BUt it was ok, girard was really hott. Atter they sang, I'm not ok, we got outta there, it was just too crammed. And TRacy almost lost her bag in the crowd.

Other bands I saw were Boys Night Out, Scary Kids Scaring kids, I can't remember ny other ones. If I remember any I'll add them to the list. I am definatley going next year. gotta go, im hungry.

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